Dear Parent/Legal Guardian:

We are pleased to welcome you to Dover City Schools. Please review and complete all applicable fields within this electronic form as they contain information unique to your child. In order to enroll you custodial child in the Dover City Schools, the following requirements must be met and approved by district personnel. No student will be enrolled until copies of all necessary and current forms and documents have been provided to the building principal of the school your child will attend. Dover City Schools reserves the right to postpone enrolling a student until such time as all documentation, forms, information, etc. provided by the custodial parent/guardian have been verified as true and accurate. No student shall be discriminated against on the basis of race, religion, national origin, financial status or disability. This electronic form contains the following:

  • General student and related contact info
  • Education history
  • Emergency medical authorization
  • Emergency notification system
  • Residency verification
  • Annual parent notification and consent

If you encounter difficulty completing this online form call Dover City Schools, Administration Office, Helen McKeever, at 330-364-7104. For more information regarding enrollment procedures, please call the building your child will attend:

  • Dover High School - Julie Burrell 330-364-7144
  • Dover Middle School - Vera Moser 330-364-7121
  • Dover Avenue Elen - Kathy Shutt 330-364-7117
  • Dover East Elementary - Sherry Harriff 330-364-7114
  • Dover South Elementary - Darla Polce 330-364-7111

Thank you.

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